Some Most Amazing Facts Regarding Air Travel!

Some Of The Most Amazing Facts Regarding Air Travel!

Nowadays, getting a plane or catching a flight is as common as getting on a bus. You can book your tickets online through an agent or from the website directly. With time, the comfort quotient of the passengers is increasing. Airlines offer a number of amenities and services on competing with one another.

Every traveler can enjoy the benefits of air travel but if you are a frequent one, then you may get extra allowances too. All you need to take care of is the few rules in regards to baggage, check-in, documents, etc.

Here we are discussing some of the amazing facts regarding air travel which may explore your mindset and let you be aware of some of the facts, you never know.


  • Around 7,000 flights remain in the air at any one time and this figure is just over the U.S. only.
  • There are more than 20 flights between New York and London on daily basis. This figure is only there if you use JFK and Heathrow as your airports. In case, you are picking Newark and London Gatwick, the figure may go more than 30.
  • The busiest route is between Hong Kong and Taiwan. It supports 680,000 passengers per month.
  • Airplanes fly at a speed of about 550 miles per houre. about 9 times faster than the average highway speed limit.
  • Flying is getting greener. Planes might seem like supporting global air travel accounts for just 2% of humans’ annual CO2 And nowadays, airplanes are around 70% more fuel efficient than the first jets.
  • The catering process of the aviation prepares more than 100,000 meals per day and these figures are of the world’s best airport i.e. Singapore’s Changi Airport
  • Most of the global airlines serve meals free of charge. It’s only the U.S. carriers and international low-cost carriers who charge.
  • You are free to score cheap flights but you need to pay the fuel surcharges, departure taxes, security fees and other costs which you’ll only find in the fine print of your air ticket.
  • In order to turn a profit, the majority of the airlines depend completely on the premium passengers.
  • In the year 2011, approximately 30 million aircraft departures occurred. As per the study, this number is expected to reach 59 million by 2030.
  • Air Travel is not as safe as it seems. A number of incidents appear each year such as the Malaysia Airlines disappearance. When it comes to the number of accidents, only 24 of every one million departures results in a fatal crash.
  • Loss of luggage is quite a headache, both for the authorities as well as passengers. As per the estimation, the airlines lost 8 million bags in 2013. It means around seven bags per 1000 passengers.
  • Baggage fee is a huge source of profit for the aviation market. In 2013, a total of $3.35 billion is gathered from the fee on luggage only.
  • There is huge profit on Cancellation of tickets or bookings too. Around $2.81 billion is charged. For most of the U.S. carriers, the break down fee is of $200 for domestic flights and for international flights, the fee is $300.