Read the cancellation policy before purchasing our service


As the result of bad climatic or environmental conditions or political and social issues, there can be witness changes in the air routes. But when these situations go out of control, then there is no option left rather than cancellation of already confirmed bookings. We try our best to minimize such situations but sometimes ‘Nothing is in your hand’.

When changes or cancellations occur, we have to make an “Important Change”. It is a type of change which is made before your departure according to your information; you have given at the time of booking of tickets. On the basis of those details, we may have some dominant effect on your confirmed trip.

At times, there is need to make an important change or cancellation; we do inform our clients as soon as possible. For the comfort of the customers, we provide details of other routes or dates within the same budget and standard. This is possible only if the airline confirms the same.

If the time allows doing so before departure, we will provide the passengers the following options to pick from:

  • Acceptance of changed adjustments or
  • You can buy the alternative trip of the same standard instead of your original booking. This alternative trip will be considered as your new purchase. We will definitely help you to avail compensation or refund of your existing booking. In case, you won’t like the option, we specifically designed for you then you can pick the options available as per your situation.
  • If the airline allows us, we will take full efforts to let you have the full refund of all the cost that you have paid in case of cancellation of flights of the respective airline.

Passengers do need to know that the changes mentioned above only include the changes made in the case of adult travelers.

In case, when the airlines make changes or cancellation under the circumstances which are not in control. Under such situation, we won’t be able to provide you any type of compensation or refund. Hence the points mentioned above don’t go with this.

We understand the needs of our customers and upon that we can discuss your situation with the airlines on your behalf. We can request the airline to provide you reimbursement. But we can’t promise anything on refund and compensation as the whole decision depends on the airlines.

In case, we have to make changes or cancellations due to your failure to abide with the need of the bookings such as not paying on time then we cannot do any help for that.


The booking of vacation packages and airline tickets are mostly non-refundable if it is not specifically described. The required cancellation can be done over a phone only.

The time, you submit your cancellation request to one of our customer care executives; you will receive an email notification acknowledging your request. And yes, this email does not mean that you are qualified for the refund.

We have to work with the airline or other related suppliers based on the rules of fare in order to create a waiver.

We process your refund if the fare rules allow us to do so as cancellation depends on the fare rules. The minimum time in link with the payment of refunds is 4-6 business weeks.