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The charming city of Hyderabad is everything you would imagine it to look like – narrow streets filled with people busy shopping from market stalls, tea shops, rickshaws plying people, traffic with horns blaring, rich colors and old Mughal architecture. Hyderabad has seen two extremely rich royal Muslim houses that have left behind a legacy of majestic royal palaces and religious architecture.


Hyderabad has seen a boom in its IT industry that began in the 1990s and this has attracted many youngsters to this city giving birth to the trend of glitzy malls, multiplex theaters, night-clubs, bars and pubs as-well as fine dining restaurants. The new Hyderabad has managed to retain its old self as you will see lots of traditional teahouses and world famous biryani shops still attracting quite a lot of crowds.


Every traveller that comes to the Pearl City leaves with a big smile on their face. The experience is simply mesmerizing because of its sheer grandeur. Visit the Charminar, an architectural marvel that has stood the test of time for over 4 centuries, the Golconda Fort is another beautiful example of the royal lifestyle of Hyderabad just like the Mecca Masjid that was built using bricks brought in from Mecca. The list of things to see in Hyderabad is very long with places such as Salar Jun Museum, Zoological Park, Birla Mandir, Hussainsagar Lake and many more. Take out the time to visit them all.


Your trip to Hyderabad will be incomplete if you do not do any shopping so make it point to buy silk sarees, pearls and other rare jewelry. Buy colorful bangles from the evening road side stalls and end the day enjoying the sights and sounds.